We are only as good as the team that we surround ourselves with and highlights the importance of having an experienced and trustworthy career coach on your side. No matter what stage of your professional journey, if you are looking to reboot your career, we will assist you in your transition preparation. 


If you fall in any of the categories below, we encourage that you reach out to see if we are the right fit for your needs.


  • You're changing your career either by choice or because of a job loss. 

  • Need assistance finding a new job in your chosen occupation

  • Need new skills to find different work

  • Need help advancing in your current job or career. 

Below are highlights of our approach to career coaching. 

We would love to work with you so to learn more please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION!


We use our goal-setting canvas as a visual way to allow participants to capture essential information that will aid them in their personal and professional development.


Participants will look at finances critically to understand differences in salaries and what set of skills are needed to advance economically. The goal is for participants to begin to map out their current financial situation and create a plan to sustain and grow economic status.


Metacognition is being aware of what one know and doesn't know, understanding what you will need to know for a specific task, and having an idea of how to use your current skills to learn what you don't know. These components of metacognition speak to metacognitive experience, which is a participant's internal response to learning. When attempting new challenges, their internal responses (metacognitive experience) could be frustration, disappointment, happiness, or satisfaction. Each of these internal responses can affect the task of learning something new and determine their willingness to continue. Critical to metacognition is the ability to deliberately foster a positive attitude and positive feelings toward their learning. 

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