Thank you for your interest in working with HIBRED Workforce Solutions! HIBRED is an acronym for High Impact Businesses Retain Empower and Develop their workforce. We exist because countless people desire to transform their lives through their careers, and we seek to help people and teams by easing that transition.


Personal and career transformation can bring about many hurdles. Supporting our customers with navigating these trials is an essential reason that all of our training, coaching, and curriculum is intentionally designed to have a balance of challenging our customers but also supportive.


As an Airforce veteran, I remember that unnerving moment as I wast transitioning to civilian life. It took patience and resiliency, but I was able to transform my personal and career life from an aircraft mechanic to an owner of a socially-conscious business. Through my journey, I have been privileged to play a small part in supporting thousands of people during their personal and career paths.


I have worked with a diverse customer base, performing such roles as executive coaching for entrepreneurs, youth-focused entrepreneurship, and career development training for military veterans, returning citizens, and individuals from low-wealth communities. I have had the opportunity of working with and supporting startups and small businesses nationally and internationally, bringing a unique approach to helping leaders reach their goals. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of South Florida, and a master's in human resource development from Towson University.


If you did not already know, I hope that you realize that your unique life journey is extraordinary. So special that it has prepared you for whatever you may have to endure as you transition and continue to transform your personal and career life. Drawing on your resilient nature will help you to discover new possibilities and opportunities that our fight or flight mode can prevent us from seeing. One of my personal quotes that I love to share is that resilient people "Create Opportunities, Not Excuses"! So we look forward to working with you so that your gifts can leave a lasting social and economic impact for yourself, your family, and your community.

~ Anthony Morgan, Jr.

Founder/Owner/CEO and Content Creator


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